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road sign and you're directing traffic. it's good. i do enjoy it. thank you. it's the only thing keeps me up right now. know, the last point i would make -- >> two minutes is up, sir. >> i had five seconds before you stopped me. >> i like pbs. i like big bird. i like you too. >> the first presidential debate is in the books. >> polls showing governor mitt romney was the clear winner. >> welcomto fox 5 morning
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news. we'll get to last night's debate and all of our top stories. >> first, we talk to tucker barnes. >> how is today look something. >> well, we have a little bit of everything this morning. early this morning, we have the humidity, clouds and showers. later this afternoon, i think we'll see some sunshine and finally some drier air will be working in from the midwest. the same front is still kind of hanging out there right across the central part of the viewing area here and just to the west of it, we have some rain showers developing once again out towards winchester, front royal, culpeper, leesburg, all getting some light shower activity. i think we will have a period of rain around here for the first part of the day and a lot of clouds. we should start to get drier air in here and we'll lose some of the humidity that is reminiscent of summer humidity we've had around here for the past 24 hours or so. temperatures once again on the
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mild side. upper 60s and low 70s. we are expecting highs back near 08 today. gradual improvement tonight and tomorrow looks fantastic. i'll have more details on that and we'll take another look at the radar in just a second. back to you. >> thank you. the economy dominated the first presidential debate last night romney said he has plans to fix the economy. president obama said, when he became president four years ago, he was dealing with a major economic crisis. >> i also promised that i would fight every single day on behalf of the american people and the middle class and all those who are strifing to get into the middle class, i've kept that promise. >> there are two different paths that we began speaking about this evening and over the course of this month, we'll have two more presidential debates and a vice presidential debate. the two paths lead in very different directions. it is not just looking to our
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words. you can look at the record. there is no question some my mind, if the president were to be re-elected, you will continue to see a middle class squeeze with incomes going down and prices going up. i'll get incomes going up again. a health alert, a rare form of meningitis has killed at least four people, including two in maryland and virginia. the infection was not transmitted from person to person but rather through a steroid used to treat back pain. we have a report. >> reporter: a deadly meningitis outbreak hitting at least five states. about five people have died and dozens of others. >> some are improving and it is across the gamut. >> this involves the lining of the brain and central nervous system. the tennessee department of health saying the form of meningitis in these patients is not transmitted from person to
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person. cases under the investigation have no relation to the much more common forms of bacterial or viral meningitis. officials think a fungus is involved in the transmission. last week, the company issuing this steroid issued a recall. >> we are getting the best experts together to try and formulate what people think may be a good course of action to take. >> reporter: according to the centers for disease control and prevention, the other cases have been reported in virginia, maryland, florida and north carolina. health officials saying more new cases are expected to appear in the coming days. in new york, chris honig, fox news. we have two monument at wins at nats park. teddy won his first president's race after 537 consecutive losses and a backlash for fans who were wondering if there was
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a conspiracy going on there. also in the fourth, ryan zimmerman hits his 4th homer of the season to tie the game with the phillies. the nats go to win and clinch the best record in baseball. i may be more excited about teddy winning. >> i was trying to figure out which one was the bigger deal. >> we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all your top stories. >> fox 5 morning is news at 4:30 starts now. good morning. it is thursday, october 4th. a live look outsued. a bit steamy outside. i think the mosquitos may be coming back. >> i got bit. i have two. can i prove it. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. time to talk about our weather situation. >> i think we have a situation.
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can i mention on the teddy thing, the crowd was doing this and when teddy won, everybody cheered. >> everybody cheers and cheers and then everybody gets out their phone. let me do the weather forecast real quick for you. we are waking up with clouds, humidity as mentioned. mosquitos haven't gone away yet officially this season. we will be dealing with rain showers early. we'll have a period of rain for the first part of the day. you can see it just to the west of washington, north to south here working through portions of western maryland and down towards winchester and points south all the way to charlottesville. this is pushing to the east. i think we will see some light rain showers for the morning commute. the good news is this is sort of the back side of the front. once we get this front east of us, we should start to work drier air in a little later today. it won't be quite as humid as
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it has been the last few days. high temperatures, we'll go 82 in washington with partial sunshine this afternoon and a bit of a breeze out of the north and west which will start to dry things out. the trend is a better one. >> we need it, that's for sure. thank you. time now to say hello it to julie wright with our first look at the morning commute. >> i heard it snowed like 6 inches in south dakota or somewhere. >> thank goodness we don't live there. tucker said montana. >> i'm glad i don't live in montana. god bless the people who do but glad it's not me. the lanes are open traveling around the capital beltway. this happens to be 395 coming across the inbound 14th street bridge. we find construction northbound on i-95 as you continue to work your way up towards 123 in fredericksburg. the construction is tying up the right side of the road.
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if you are coming northbound from ladysmith and continuing up into spotsylvania, you will stay with 126 as an alternative route and come back southbound. 395 here at duke street, no problems to report. overnight construction cleared. eastbound 66 coming in from the capital beltway and fair oaks, no trouble spots to report on the eastbound side of the highway. nice, easy start this morning coming in out of germantown headed out to the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. now to the presidential debate. it was the night everyone was waiting for. >> as craig boswell reports, they showcased their vision for the country. >> reporter: after weeks of preparation and months of
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anticipation, president obama and mitt romney meet face to face. after months of talking about each other, president obama and mitt romney talked directly to one another meeting on stage for the first time for their first debate. mitt romney and president obama speaking about their plans to fix the nation's economy. >> governor romney has a perspective that says, if we cut taxes, skew towards the wealthy and roll back regulations that we'll be better off. i've got a different view. >> i don't want to cost jobs. my priority is jobs. and so what i do is i bring down the tax rates. >> reporter: the republican nominee revealing his plan to reduce the deficit. >> what things would i cut from spending? >> i will eliminate all program by this test if they don't pass it. is the program so critical, it is worth borrowing money from china? if it's not, i'll get rid of it.
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>> governor romney rote what we did in massachusetts could be a model for the nation. >> as president, i will sit down on day one, the day after i get elected, i'll sit down with democratic leaders. >> he will also repeal obamacare on the first day which will not be very popular among democrats as you are sitting down with them. >> reporter: the vice presidential candidates have their one and only showdown next week. once the debates are completed near the end of this month, there will only be about two more weeks in the campaign season. craig boswell, fox news. >> so what did you think of the debate? we want to hear your thoughts and invite you to post them on the facebook page. we'll share your comments throughout the morning. other stories making headlines, a rare form of meningitis has health officials concerned. it has killed two people in maryland and virginia. the cdc says patients contracted the infection after receiving steroid injects for
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back pain. so far, 26 cases have been reported nationwide, four of them fatal and more cases are expected. the steroid drug made in massachusetts has been recalled. montgomery county police are looking for the public's help to find the person who viciously beat a 72-year-old man. his sons found him unconscious near a dumpster outside his apartment complex on garland avenue. police think robbery may have been the motive. a search continues for a teenager missing since monday morning. >> police say brian glen was last seen on fairfax boulevard. they've been combing through alocal park looking for him. karen gray houston has more on the story. >> the park is open to the public. the trails are nice and open. >> reporter: family and friends gathered in the parking lot to join in the police search for brian glen looking here because
4:37 am
this is where brian's vw jetta was left. >> seven people on the left to the far end. >> reporter: the group got instructions but had little to go on, just an empty box from dunkin donuts that was left in the car along with pieces of jolly rancher candy and wrappers. >> he is not a big doughnut eater. that was something -- and the radio station was still on a station he wouldn't normally listen to. we don't know right now but this may be some indication that he wasn't by himself. >> reporter: the group broke off and went in different directions, police in the lead, an army friend and s.a.t. coach and young high school friends. all very worried and concerned. >> i don't think anything bad happened to him. he is such a nice kid and he is very humble. i can never see him doing anything bad. >> reporter: police had brought out a helicopter and
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bloodhounds earlier to help look but so far, nothing. bury appear's brother is grasping at straws trying to figure out what is going on. so you think he is with someone? >> -- brian's brother is grasping at straws. >> do you think he got kidnapped? >> maybe he met up with somebody he just met. >> reporter: brian played football at school. he is missing practice and mostly his family is missing him. >> we are waiting to hear from you. we want you home. >> reporter: karen gray houston, fox 5 news. a teacher says he was taxed and beaten up at school and it was so brutal, he needed therapy. >> the alleged culprit, a tiny first grader. details of what the child's parents are saying about this. 
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turkey is reportedly attacking syria again. the border tensions rose dramatically yesterday after mortars fired from syria killed five people in turkey including a mother and her three kids. turkey called for an emergency late night meeting of nato allies and this morning the parliament is talking about authorizing military action against syria. a new york city gym teacher is suing the city after he says a six-year-old student beat him up. here is the deal though. the gym teacher is a former college football player who weighs 220 pounds. his alleged attacker is a 50- pound first grader. the teacher says the boy physically assaulted him in the hallway back in april. he says the kid fractured his ankle and injured his knee and forced him to need therapy for stress. >> he was very strong, kicking me like using the heel of his feet to kick me in my legs. so he also bit me several times
4:42 am
because, like i said, i wasn't trying to hold his hand too tight, i didn't want to make bruises. >> the gym teacher is suing for physical and emotional damage. the boy's parents call these claims ridiculous. >> that kid must have some serious fighting skills. >> it could be rough in those skills sometimes. >> it can be. >> you never know. coming up, some big cuts coming to the university of the district of columbia that will likely mean layoffs and that's not all. >> up next, we'll get a full report on that. first, a full report from tucker barnes. >> wisdom, good morning. we've got some hour activity moving through the area as we speak. we'll bring along an umbrella as we speak for the early- morning hours. i think we'll see some sun in your forecast. julie wright has your traffic coming up too right after the break. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm...
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>> the last point i would make v. >> two minutes is up, sir. >> i think i had five seconds before you interrupted me. >> lighter moments from last night's presidential debate. moderator jim lehrer trying to keep the conversation on time with the candidates fighting for every second to make their points there. we'll continue to play more of the highlights. there was even a mention of big
4:46 am
bird. >> i heard big bird was being treated. >> mitt romney had made a mention about big bird and pbs, that is liked both but he didn't think they should be funded by the federal government. >> tough not it like big bird. >> i have a feeling big bird will end up in a saturday night live skit this weekend. >> humidity, of course, clouds, mosquitoes continue to bite us. >> we both got bit yesterday. >> it felt like summer yesterday afternoon. >> it was hot outside. >> really hot. the reason why, this front has been very persistent and just hanging out across the area. finally, it is on the move very slowly and it will bring us changes later today. there is your front. you can see it hanging up north to south and on the west side of it, we have some shower activity breaking out. once again, this shower activity is very light. leesburg, out towards reston, you get down to culpeper, generally north to south here,
4:47 am
we have some light rain showers. this will be pushing through here over the next several hours. i don't think it will be in a hurry to get out of here. here is the bigger picture. lots of clouds and showers to start your day. there you go. the good news is we can see the back edge of this system finally out towards eastern kentucky and it will make progress east later today. we'll get some shower activity to start your day. you can see it there. as we get into late morning, early afternoon, we'll start to get breaks in the clouds. gradually, things will get better. by later this afternoon and tonight, our wind will shift out of the north and west. finally, we'll get drier air in here. tomorrow, it will be noticeably less humid as we get into the nighttime hours tonight and particularly for your day tomorrow. 71 in washington. 74 in annapolis. 73 in leonardtown. 60s off to the north and west. here is your forecast for
4:48 am
today. 82degrees here. early clouds, we'll get a little sun this afternoon. scattered showers for the first part of the day. i think during the afternoon, it should generally be dry. winds north and south later this afternoon. here comes the drier air and it should be a lot more comfortable. tomorrow looks great. here is your accu-weather seven- day. late showers saturday. most of the saturday dry with temperatures in the mid-70s. late showers saturday with a cold front. sunday doesn't look fantastic. a lot of clouds around with a few showers but chilly, high temperatures only in the low 60s here sunday and monday. so get ready for a real cool shot of air. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and get the late from julie wright who also loves big bird, i'm sure. >> i do. i do like big bird. he is like everybody's friend. on the roads, you will find that lanes are open, no problems to report as you continue around the capital beltway. southbound 270 good to go coming in out of germantown headed out towards the lane divide. traffic running smoothly on the beltway between college park and bethesda.
4:49 am
your lanes are open as you continue to work your way southbound on 95 and 295 out of laurel. 66 still an easy ride coming eastbound as you make your way in from fair oaks towards the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. some major cost cutting measures could soon be under way at the just of the district of columbia. the board has a new plan to shave off about $14 million from the $60 million that udc currently receives from taxpayerss but is it snuff. >> reporter: as it stands, udc has over 6,000 students but its operating budget is at $170 million. city leaders say that is too much and ordered udc to clean up its budget. >> we hope that this will get it on firm footing. >> reporter: mayor gray is still looking over the newly released right-sizing plan as udc officials are speaking out about it. >> there is no question that we
4:50 am
can be more efficient. >> reporter: udc's president, alan sessoms outlined where it can cut. one plan would move it to the main campus here on connecticut avenue. >> the total operating costs of this campus is about $8 million a year. the rent alone is $4 million a year. so it just makes economic sense. >> reporter: another cuts will cause much more pain. more than 25 faculty and staff members will be let go. also, a study has been launched to investigate all employee salaries. >> a l of that is the salary of folk who have been working here for some time and some operating expenses. but most of the initial reductions would be in -- on the salary side. >> we asked dr. sessoms if he plans to take a cut himself. he makes nearly $300,000 a
4:51 am
year, lives in a university- owned home and udc pays for sessoms' suv, even the gas he puts in it. >> i'm not saying i'm undercompensated. i'm not saying i'm overcompensated. this is what the objective salary survey is supposed to be about. we have a wonderful and reputable washington-based firm doing it. >> reporter: he points out that employees here make less than others in the area. >> we are pulling from the same talent pool. you have to recruit the same kind of of talent to come here and they want the same kind of relative compensation. >> the plan still has to be approved by the council and mayor. the mayor wouldn't rule out a one-time payment to help udc turn things around. >> sometimes you may have to make an investment to get to where you want to get to. >> we'll continue to follow that story and see what happens with udc. smile, you never know who
4:52 am
is looking. >> or maybe even painting your picture. coming up next. >> if this is you in this portrait, it is yours for the taking. i'm beth parker. fine art next to a dumpster. not what you might expect. i'll tell you about this new form of art hitting the streets of d.c.
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4:54 am
here is the message. stop staring at your blackberry or iphone and look around. that is coming from the d.c. artist. >> she lost a unique project that might show up in your neighborhood. here is beth parker. >> i hope that you enjoy it. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: it is not every day that you get a hug from a stranger. but these two are connected by the snap of a camera and the stroke of a brush. you see, nicole bourget is a d.c. native and part right artist. she came here to the southwest
4:55 am
waterfront about a month ago and took a picture of pete hill. >> he is the character that is hard to miss. >> reporter: she captured pete in his own environment for an art project she calls as is. >> it is authentic. >> reporter: she returns the finished painting to the place where she met the person. a colleague spotted pete's. >> he said somebody drops the painting off and it looks just like you. >> reporter: the portrait as are popping up all over town. one is leaning on a dumpster just off connecticut avenue. >> it is still there. >> i'm really attracted to idea of street art that is outside of the museums and kind of confronts us in the middle of our day. >> the sign says if this is you, this painting is yours to take. i guess if you are the guy in the painting, it is free. >> reporter: all this richness and color is free to the person in the painting. >> especially someone like this who is a surveyor and probably doesn't come here very often so just the one time he was doing
4:56 am
his work and he goes on to another project and maybe never comes back here. >> she leaves cards like this one at each painting, just to educate the public about what she's doing. there have been some surprises, like what happened here at paul's liquor on wisconsin avenue. >> when we noticed that it was starting to rain, we pulled the painting in. someone put that much work into it, you want to protect it. >> reporter: with the rain gone, the portrait was back. a bicyclist passing by sun around. he studied and it eventually decided to take it. >> she doesn't mind. >> i hope it is the person i painted. but even if it is somebody else recognizing their neighbor, i think that is wonderful too. >> reporter: letting go, accepting life just like this project, as is. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. 5 news. >> that wasn't him but he just took it.
4:57 am
i'm confused right now. >> she said it was okay so it's all good. >> she was all right with it. wasn't that her work just great too? >> it was phenomenal. >> the baseball playoff match- up just about set. plus, teddy finally did it with a little help. >> a major milestone for one slugger. we are checking out sports next.
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in sports, conspiracy theorists can rest a little easy. teddy finally won the presidential race at nats park on the final game of the season. he got a little help from the phillies mascot, imagine that. coming up, teddy and the matz coo andy pepper will join us live to talk about the milestone. as

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